Posted June 6, 2020

Hello everyone,

It is with heavy hearts that SMBA has decided against having a baseball season.  

Recently Baseball Manitoba unveiled their “Return to Play” document, providing a blueprint for organized baseball within the Province of Manitoba.   While the possibility of a return to baseball was initially exciting – a detailed review of the document revealed many issues for local community clubs and Associations.  These issues include but are not limited to:

• Player safety and privacy concerns relating to self-assessment of COVID-19 symptoms
• Fewer players, coaches, umpires and volunteers due to a later, shorter season and COVID-19 concerns
• Increased demand on volunteers for social distance, person limit adherence and sanitation
• Increased demand on coaches for social distancing, equipment use and sanitation of players
• Facility issues including no washrooms, garbage containers and sanitation
• Lack of guidance, direction and training on sanitation standards and products
• Cost issues relating to the decrease of players and need for sanitation stations and products

As a result of the above issues the members of the SMBA held a vote to determine if minor baseball would be offered in the community of Springfield.  Although a difficult decision, the vote was unanimous for not having a season.  

In addition, our parent league Red River Valley Baseball (RRVB) – along with other clubs under the umbrella, had a similar vote.  They likewise voted against having a baseball season.

Although this decision may be upsetting for some – SMBA feels the health, safety and wellbeing of our players, coaches, umpires and volunteers far outweighs the benefit of having an organized baseball season.  In addition, the recent RRVBsurvey held to gauge the interest of a return to baseball further cemented our decision.  Out of over 200 players registered only 34 indicated a desire to play.

Of important note – the refund process is in progress and all should have their registration fees refunded shortly.  Please direct any concerns in relation to this matter to the executive of the RRVB.

SMBA has liaised with our community club facility providers and most have indicated their fields are open to the public and available to be used.  SMBA highly recommends our families continue to use the fields in a manner in which they feel comfortable and safe.

SMBA looks forward to continuing our progress towards a safe and healthy 2021 season along with maintaining our momentum towards a new name and logo.  Stay tuned for more details at our 2020 AGM.

Have a safe, healthy and happy summer!

On behalf of the SMBA,

Mike Peterson
President - SMBA          


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